Friday, November 20, 2015

One Rhythm

If the wind gets loud enough, 
when there are enough trees

 in the background,
then the rustling of the leaves begins to sound a lot like an ocean
and the back and forth rhythm of the waves

In the same way 
the sound of war
after so much of it,
when there are enough motionless bodies in the background,
begins to sound a lot less
like the ferocious pound of thunder
and more
like the gentle pattern of rain


If the wind gets loud enough
and starts to sound like an ocean
both of them
sounding the sway of rhythm -
the sound of back and forth
then you know even Humanity
who bears skin so soft
could start to become coarse

If the wind starts to sound like an ocean
you'll realise they both create waves
and that the motion of them sway
so both sides, eventually, see their light of day
Humanity is a wave
and just like back becomes forth
peace becomes war


If the wind gets loud enough
and the wind and ocean
both start to sound the same
then just like the wind and the ocean
maybe one rhythm
is from where we all came

And maybe today we're ignoring truth
ignoring the cadence telling us 
we're all fundamentally
just a different form
of the same wave
just a different form
of back and forth

But one day we'll realise it
and no longer find ourselves standing
over the remains of those
who carried a different rhythm than us
and were regarded as an obstacle 
in our way

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