Friday, November 20, 2015

One Rhythm

If the wind gets loud enough, 
when there are enough trees

 in the background,
then the rustling of the leaves begins to sound a lot like an ocean
and the back and forth rhythm of the waves

In the same way 
the sound of war
after so much of it,
when there are enough motionless bodies in the background,
begins to sound a lot less
like the ferocious pound of thunder
and more
like the gentle pattern of rain


If the wind gets loud enough
and starts to sound like an ocean
both of them
sounding the sway of rhythm -
the sound of back and forth
then you know even Humanity
who bears skin so soft
could start to become coarse

If the wind starts to sound like an ocean
you'll realise they both create waves
and that the motion of them sway
so both sides, eventually, see their light of day
Humanity is a wave
and just like back becomes forth
peace becomes war


If the wind gets loud enough
and the wind and ocean
both start to sound the same
then just like the wind and the ocean
maybe one rhythm
is from where we all came

And maybe today we're ignoring truth
ignoring the cadence telling us 
we're all fundamentally
just a different form
of the same wave
just a different form
of back and forth

But one day we'll realise it
and no longer find ourselves standing
over the remains of those
who carried a different rhythm than us
and were regarded as an obstacle 
in our way

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The House on the Corner

There's a house on the corner 
fighting not to be abandoned
But the residents inside are starting to dissipate in size
Every minute within it they feel they are losing what made them who they were

Its windows have slowly been fogging 
Causing the tenants to have difficulty seeing
the outside
The fog is blurring out everything
the only thing to be seen
being their own hell inside that house
Without a clear view they can't see into the distance nor
reflect on themselves

The door is starting to creek louder
every time it opens
It used to sound inviting
Hoping people would pop in without notice
Ready to showcase the passions past the surface of its porch
Inciting everyone to see what's inside
But now it's croaking
choking with force every instance it is swung aside
Ready to topple forward no longer able to stand up
against the weather coming towards it

The fence surrounding is starting to break formation
Ready to collapse under pressure
from the preventative measures taken
against certain animals stampeding inside the home
It used to be strong
could withhold an army of dark thoughts
with the security it gave off
Allowed those inside to focus their minds
on memories they relied on
Told them not to worry about painful memories
it'd fight them head on
But now these stampedes aren't letting bygones be bygones
They ride on hoping to take hold
of those creating a soul out of that home

The tenants living inside
are desperately trying
to patch it up to weather the stormy weather
They don't want it to die
They tether together pieces of wood 
Tethering together reasons to be alive
But every once in awhile a storm severs
everything they built up high
As if a house made out of bones
is now made of feathers
Delicate to even the mildest weather

There's a house on the corner of Cranial and Spinal Cord Drive
And they're desperate to survive 
Every part of them damaged beyond recognition
because someone thought they could be renovated with a drug addiction
     And now an SSRI is the only way
to let the wallpaper reflect the sunrise

     Their eyes are windows hoping to see a future for themselves
but with a blurry sight
they can only clearly see their own demise
     The frontal lobe is a door that won't articulate their thoughts any-more
hoping to one day be restored to a condition
where they can relay
their vision again
     The hippocampus a fence protecting the campus of happy memories
from interference of memories filled with sadness
and dread 
     The tenants paying rent are neurons protecting the house's head
but losing the fight to an external plight 
affecting the emotional steadiness
 they used to feel
 An external pill killing them
but depending on it still

There was a house on the corner 
And it knew some houses found a restoring force
in a capsules work 
But that was a renovation this house
found out it couldn't afford
without also giving up who they were