Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Stand With Ahmed (Spoken Word)

As someone who grew up in Irving, TX and went from Kindergarten to 12th grade under the Irving ISD education system, I took huge issue with the recent events regarding Ahmed Mohamed. It was truly disheartening to see the way such a bright young student was treated due to his passions and the racism of others.

I wanted to write a piece to speak about this issue and to support Ahmed in his future endeavours.

Credit to Alan Singley for the Instrumental "Stop the Clocks"


  1. Elisha, Like you, I am outraged at what happened. I can't understand how a teacher, a school could react like this. I would have been so very impressed had he been one of my students and showed it to me. Instead I am seeing the out pouring of support from around the world, including my former students. And that makes me one truly proud teacher. Keep fighting and speaking out for what is right!

    Mr. Ski

  2. Well said Elisha! Proud you shared your thoughts!